Our Core Values


It is our mission and purpose to provide the best, most efficient and cost effective virtual employee experience. We do this by providing fair and flexible plans to accommodate any size business. We train, educate, and inspire our team to be the best virtual employees in the industry. We help businesses innovate and streamline business processes for maximum efficiency.


As we move towards a more digitally connected world we see the need to innovate and streamline the systems and processes that will shape the future of business. We see a world where employees and business owners work from home, thus saving time and resources not spent commuting and renting office space. As the way we do business evolves and moves forward the need for highly trained, reliable and efficient workers is a crucial component. Not only is being highly trained important for the success of business, it’s also vitally important for the happiness and wellbeing of the individual. We believe people are happiest when they are learning and growing, this is why we put such an emphasis on continuing education. We offer weekly trainings to our VA’s and open those up to our clients as well. Together we can all become better today than we were yesterday.

We stick around

​When you purchase a bucket from TaskBullet we stick around and manage your account and the VA. We don’t leave you to the vast abyss of the internet, to deal with vanishing VA’s who take your money and your work. We have Project Managers who are in constant contact with the VA’s and we the Management are in constant contact with the Project Managers. If there is ever a problem you can contact us directly here in the U.S. and we will do everything we can to fix the issue. The VA’s who work for us are like family, some of them have been with us since the beginning of TaskBullet. We love our VA’s and we know you will love them as well.

We care

In a world that seems to care less and less about what the customer wants, we have decided to build a system that works for both parties. To be honest the Bucket system is much more in the favor of our customers than ourselves. Locking people in with contracts and set monthly fees is a much more profitable model, but we want to be the best serving the best and with that ideal we set up the Bucket System. We want to give the most value possible to our clients and make it a win win for everyone.

Pricing and Plans!
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