The idea that we can be better today than we were yesterday is what drives TaskBulletUSA. We are in business to build better humans in all aspects of our lives.  We train, educate, and inspire our team of VA’s to always be progressing at work, at home and at play. 

We train, educate and inspire
  • We proactively and reactively train our team to be the best in the world
  • We have a book of the month club and a forum to discuss what we learn  
  • We have regular trainings given by specialists to make sure our team stays up to date on current trends and innovations.
“We are happiest in life when we are progressing mentally, physically, and spiritually.”Danny Nappi

Company training benefits

Employee benefits 

40% of employees leave their position within the first year if their training was poor. Our attrition rate is one of the lowest in the industry. We attribute this to our focus on quality training.

Top non-financial motivators

  • 76% of employees prefer opportunities for career growth over money.
  • 36% of employees would give up 5k a year to be happier at work
  • 25% of employees are happier when allowed to do what they do best.

Company benefits

Happiness is the ultimate productivity booster and that is why you can expect 12% more productivity from your happy employees.


  • Happy workers take 10x fewer sick days
  • Happy employees outperform the competition by 20%
  • Happy employees are 3x more creative

Time spent developing these areas is time very well spent and will improve one’s quality of life. When you see work as another opportunity to grow, it takes on a whole new level of fulfillment and brings with it added happiness and joy. We take the time to grow and progress everyday, and we invite you to do the same.